What Does a DCL Certification Mean?

July 5, 2021 0 Comments

If you were born in Australia, you have a right to live and work in this country according to the freedom of speech and freedom of association guaranteed by the Constitution and all laws declared by the Parliament. As a result of that right, all Australian citizens enjoy the legal rights to engage in contracting, business and profession with other people and companies, as well as being protected from unfair treatment by public or private sector bodies, the media and other sources. All Australian residents who wish to protect their interests have the option of becoming a DCL. DCL status ensures that all businesses, whether they are engaged in the supply chain or supply nation certified, are assessed on a case-by-case basis and held to the highest standard of Australian industry standards and practices.

The option of becoming a DCL

Certified locksmiths and security are now a mandatory requirement for all Australian government approved buildings and projects. The Department of Transport (Roads and Rail) has recently revised their building’s control requirements, which state that all future road building must be pre-approved for structural modifications by a DCL lockmith. Lockmiths, including DCL ones, must also hold a Commonwealth licence. (Reference: Victorian Building Control – Temporary Provision.)

Supply chain and supply nation certified are a high standard of conduct that has become a benchmark for businesses in the entire supply chain management industry. Supply chain management has grown to the point where large companies such as John Howard’s John Howard Communications Limited, are looking to hire indigenous Australian people to help them grow and develop their companies strategically and sustainably. The key benefits to hiring someone with DCL status are that they are held to the same standards as large multinational corporations, in terms of training and qualifications, but also that they are assessed on an individual case-by-case basis for their ability to perform tasks related to a company’s core activities. Also, while the amount of education and training needed to qualify as a DCL is minimal, it does still carry significant weight when hiring an indigenous Australian. As the business and economic environment continue to change rapidly and become more dynamic, it is important for companies to hire people who are willing to learn and adapt quickly to continually new business and economic environment. DCL status is a representation of an indigenous Australian’s commitment to ensuring that he/she has met the criteria of the industry and has successfully completed the program through full and part time education.

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