PASMA Training

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pasma training

PASMA training focuses on the safe use of mobile access towers. It includes topics such as components identification, assembly criteria, stability, and hazards. The training is followed by a practical assessment and a written test. The practical assessment focuses on erecting the tower and examining the equipment, while the written test ensures that you have a thorough understanding of PASMA standards. You can complete the PASMA training in as little as three days. More info –

Acquire The Essential Knowledge And Skills

Upon completion of the course, the delegate will be issued a PASMA certificate. This accreditation is widely recognised and is valid for five years. It is a necessary qualification for many jobs in the construction industry, including those involving heights. The certificate shows that the holder has successfully completed training and has acquired the essential knowledge and skills to safely and efficiently erect mobile towers. It also shows employers that an employee is serious about their profession.

If you are involved in using Mobile Access Towers, PASMA training is a must. It teaches workers how to safely operate, maintain, and dismantle the equipment. Depending on your industry, you may also choose to complete the IPAF course. If you work with mobile towers, PASMA training is required and an IPAF course is optional. The working at height regulations (WAR) require that employees have sufficient training to operate these towers safely.

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