Clay Target Shooting

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Clay target shooting, also called clay target shooting, is an airsoft shooting sport in which a shooter targets a firearm at specially designed clay pigeons, called clay targets, at specific distances from the shooter. The first clay target used this way was made in the year 1898, but the sport has been slow to catch on, largely because of the difficulty of aiming a gun at clay pigeons with any degree of accuracy. Nevertheless, clay target shooting is growing in popularity, though many shooters complain about the short accuracy of many clay target guns.

clay target shooting


Need More Time? Read These Tips To Eliminate Clay Target Shooting

Clay shooting is an excellent choice for hunters who want to have a more humane way to hunt than using bullets. It is also ideal for people who are unfamiliar with the intricacies of using a rifle or shotgun. Clay pigeon shooting requires a good deal of patience and, although it can be a difficult task, can also be a lot of fun. The only requirement is that the shooter should be adept at shooting a standard sized firearm, though some clay pigeon guns are constructed with special grips to handle them. Although they are not easy to handle, the specialized grips make the gun easier to aim and helps the shooter eliminate subject movement during the shot.

Clay targets are a very popular sport and can often attract the attention of entire hunting teams. However, if you are unfamiliar with the sport, I recommend that you visit a local gun range where you can fire a shot at different sizes of clay targets and get an opportunity to work with the staff. If you are a serious clay target shooter, you may want to consider signing up to a training course run by an experienced shooter. These courses can teach you much more about shooting disciplines and how to increase your efficiency in each discipline.

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