What to Expect From a Recruitment Agency in France

September 13, 2022 0 Comments

Recruitment agency in France

A recruitment agency in France specializes in hiring the best people for your company. These recruiters have an international perspective and are able to build the best teams for you in France. They also recruit candidates from France for positions in other countries. This makes them one of the best agencies in France. Here are a few of their key points to consider.

Boost Your Recruitment Agency With These Tips

There are approximately 1600 recruitment agencies in France. Due to the weak economic growth, the number of recruitment agencies in France has not grown dramatically. According to the Cercomm guide, there were approximately 1600 firms listed in 2016. However, this does not mean that the recruitment agencies have experienced a significant rise in business. This means that you may find it more difficult to find the right job or find it more difficult to land it.

If you are interested in working in France, there are many reasons to consider doing so. France has a low unemployment rate of around 9%, which makes it a great place to work. This coupled with the benefits provided by the social security system will make it worth it to relocate to France. There are also many recruitment agencies in France that can assist you in finding employment in the country.

French employment laws prohibit asking a candidate about their criminal record. However, some jobs, such as those involving children, do require a criminal background check. In such cases, a hiring professional may request “extract no. 3” of the candidate’s criminal record. The information is not available to the public and is only required for drafting the employment contract. More info – https://euworkers.fr